Peruvian Net against Child Pornography

The Peruvian Net against Child Pornography is a non-profit organisation that works against Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons and especially aganist Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Peru and Latin America. We are working and liaising with institutions that aim the same objectives.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Peruvian Net against Child Pornography

What is the Peruvian Net against Child Pornography?
The RCPI – Peru is a non-profit civil association registered under electronic entry Nº 11945162 at the Public Register of the National Superintendent Office of Lima (SUNARP) and classified as a donation receptive entity by Ministerial Resolution Nº 286-2007-EF/15 (MEF).
Which is the Net's mission?
It is to eradicate the nets of child pornography producers, distributors and consumers, especially the ones performed on Internet. Likewise it fights against the trafficking in persons, the commercial sexual exploitation of children and the smuggling of children and teenagers.
What does the Net do?
The RCPI – Peru actions develop within three important axes:
1. Prevention: As we know, the best way to fight child pornography and child commercial sexual exploitation is to prevent more children to become victims.
With that in mind we carry out:
  • Talks and workshops
  • Publicity and information campaigns
  • Training for volunteers
  • Training for State agents

2. Fight against child pornography on Internet: We must face these criminal groups with determination, considering the regular increase of paedophiles and pederasts nets on Internet.

With that in mind we carry out:

  • Promotion of spaces to report the crime via Internet
  • Computer nets
  • Service to receive anonymous complaints about pages containing child pornography
  • Tracing of pages containing child pornography or promoting these.
  • Technological assistance for the State agents in charge of finding, investigating and prosecuting the criminals
  • Forwarding of specialised information and complaints to the National Police

3. Protection of the victim: Leaving a child who has been victim of aggression or sexual exploitation behind is victimising him/her again. Only by protecting them we will prevent the aggression in the future.

With that in mind we carry out:

  • Free personalised psychological attention for victims and direct relatives
  • Free advice and legal defence for victims.

What other actions and services does it provide?

The RCPI – Peru also offers the following services:

  • Elaboration of studies, reports and research about child pornography, child commercial sexual exploitation and child trafficking in Peru and the region.
  • Development of issues such as: compared legislation, sexual aggressor profile, as well as the modalities, extent, consequences, effects and aftermath of this crime on the victims and the society.
  • Service of filters and computer blockers specialised in public internet cafes, schools, companies and State dependencies computers.
  • Center of on-line public information specialised in child commercial sexual exploitation, child trafficking and child pornography.
  • Legal advice for victims of child sexual commercial exploitation, child trafficking and child pornography.

How can you help the Peruvian Net Against Child Pornography?

There are many ways to help the actions of the RCPI – Peru. All of them are as important and valid as the others. These are as follows:

a. If you are a Webmaster or administer a Blog or personal space: You can upload the banner or button of the campaign “Internet free of Child Pornography” on your site, which will generate a link between your site and the RCPI – Peru´s one.

b. If you are a Net, movement or association member: You can inform all the members of your organisation about the actions that the RCPI – Peru carries out and spread information provided on the institutional site, mainly about the best management of Internet and the care when using chats.

c. If you represent an institution with similar purposes: You can coordinate joined actions and subscribe institutional agreements that will support the achievement of our goals.

d. If you represent an institution with different purposes: You can support us by spreading the campaigns of the RCPI – Peru, both inside and outside your institution.

e. If you represent a private company: You can sponsor our actions, either generally or through your assistance in any concrete activity.

f. If you are an activist and wish to join the RCPI - Peru: You can join the Voluntaries Net Against Child Pornography, by writing to

g. If you are a citizen socially committed: You can spread the campaigns promoted by us in your environment. Likewise, you can promote dialogues and talks about child pornography as a social problem. You can also report any illegal action you may know about a child being sexually exploited.

h. If you make a contribution: You can make it to our current accounts at Banco de Crédito del Perú: 194-1595812-0-11 (in national currency) or 194-1596620-1-83 (in US dollars)

Another great way to help us is by keeping in touch and providing us with your feedback. Please let us have your comments at.

How is the RCPI – Peru financed?

The RCPI – Peru and its projects are financed through donations and sponsorships from private companies and organisations.

How can I obtain more information about the RCPI – Peru?

You can always visit our official blog:


You can visit our Web Page too:

Or send us an E-Mail to: